„My beloved enemy, I just love you” (An orthodox poem about true love)

„My beloved enemy, I just love you”
I was listening once, unobserved, the talking of one Holy Elder, in Mount Athos, with his spiritual son, about how love for our enemies caracteristics are:
The Love for our enemies speaks like this:
„I love you as you are.
When you do hurt me, I just love you.
When you tear my soul apart,
I am just in the beginning of my love for you.
When you wound my heart, I surround you with my humility of love.
When you hate me, I pray that my love comes out as the July Sun.
When you leave me, I love you as the Full Moon humbly shows its light in the clear night sky – the light that comes from the All Mighty Sun.
When you steal from me, my love enriches you.
When you curse me, my love blesses you.
When you are my enemy, I am your best friend.
When you lie to me, my love is always telling you the whole truth
My love is above friendship and it comes from God.
Highest love has no friends or enemies in the usual meaning:
It has just brothers: My brother is my life, Saint Silouan says.
I love you, my brother, especially when you are my enemy.
I pray for you when you cannot do anything but think at me with hate.
When you trigger me, I ask Our Lord to bless you instantly.
Give me all your hate, I will give you all my love.
Give me a slap, I will give you a hand.
Give me an insult, I will give you a kind smile.
Give me a shoot, I will give you a warm cup of tea.
Give me your worse, I will give you my best.
Love for enemies melts down my anger and hate.
Love for enemies is always personal love.
Love for enemies is the core of personal love
Personal love is the opposite of individualistic selfishness.
Without God’s grace I am nothing: just bitterness and tears, simply unworthy ground.
Personal love is at it’s highest peak in its love for enemies.
My love for my enemies it’s like a tsunami wave. A tsunami of love.
My love for my enemies it’s like an anti-atomic bomb of love.
The Person loves all the atoms.
My love for my enemies it’s like a hurricane of love.
My love for my enemies is like a torrent of hot lava. A torrent of pure love.
My love for my enemies it is like a soft grasp.
My love for may enemies it is like a soft warm breeze that comforts your ears.
My love for my enemies is like a small drop of hot water in the middle of a frozen ocean.
My love for my enemies it is like a thin ray of light – smaller than hair – that penetrates the enormous lead wall that surrounds us.
My beloved enemy, you are my best friend. I can only love you forever. And ever. And ever after. This is how love for enemies speaks.
I am the worst of all people in the world. There is no other enemy in the whole world but myself. From this lowest point I do just love you. Your hate puts me on the cross. I die in love. Every day I die many times. My love allways goes on the cross for my enemy. On the cross love is at max.
Can you just love thy enemy? Can you just go on the cross for him? Can you just pray for thy enemy?”

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