A poem (english version): „The Three Days of Spiritual Life” (after Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex’s Theology of the three stages of spiritual life)



A poem (english version):

„The Three Days of Spiritual Life”

(after Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex Theology of the three stages of spiritual life)

„The First Stage of Spiritual Life: The first overflow of Grace”

On the first day I will love you how you have never been loved by anyone.

I will pour out upon you my perfect grace.

You will be the happiest of all!

I will send plenty of joy over you,

and the great saints will cover you with all their love.

I will listen to you every word and every whisper,

and every thought that you will carry to me in your heart.

I will answer all your questions and will fulfill your last wish.

You will know that „I am the one I am,” and that there is no other than me!

No prayer I will not overlook you.

You will be overwhelmed by My love.

My Mother and Most Holy Theotokos will keep you in Her holy arms all long day.

Everyone will love you, and you will love me perfectly!

Even your enemies will love with love for your light, purity and wisdom.

Your step will be easy, your hands will do every thing beautiful and perfect.

Prayer will flow out of your lips, your gaze will be serene,

Your thought will be clean and smooth,

Animals, birds, and all the creatures will be attracted to you.

The little bees will float around you.

Thou shalt bring my fruit, and my peace shall rest in thee.

Everything will go well for you,

No one will hurt you even with a glance.

In humility you will cry for love and longing, and with holy joy you will smile.

You will love and be perfectly loved by all,

And you will know so clearly that we are all one.

You will look for me every moment and I will always be in your senses.

I will encompass with my love and your soul and your body, and your bones.

And the bone of your bones will rejoice in me.

I will examine you with the fire of my love, and I will burn all your uncleanness within you.

You will think my love will never ever leave you.


„The Second Stage of Spiritual Life: Retirement of Grace”

The next day I slowly, slowly withdraw My grace.

It will be the longest day for you.

You will be tired, for I will forsake you and you will long for long for me.

Your suffering after my love will be terrible.

I will argue with you, I will scold you with harshness.

When you call me I’ll pretend I can not hear you again.

When you sing to me, I’ll pretend I do not care about you.

When you fall, I’ll pretend I can not pick you up anymore.

I will withdraw so much that you will never feel my strength and love anymore.

When you will cry out after Me, I will love you only so that you will not perish.

When you cry, I will shed the source of your tears.

You will not find any comfort in those who have been resting.

When you kneel before me I will love you only in silence.

In thousands of bows and metania you will not find your rest or peace.

Thoughts will disturb you when I raise my hand from you,

But do not despair!

Do all that I have taught you in the first love! („Remember thy first love”)

Your step will be tough, the burdens will look huge.

You will read a lot, you will try to rationally understand Me.

You will study the highest academies and the most skilled teachers.

You will paint to me many icons and you will carve me countless wooden crosses.

You will work harder and eat more.

You will melt your body with vigil, but it will seem to you that you can not overcome!

All that seemed easy at first will now be heavier.

If you fight again with all your old passions that you thought forgotten,

You will ask for my help and it will seem in vain.

I will send great drought upon you,

and you will feel your body again.

People will envy you and hate you for me.

You will be so lonely and deserted by my grace,

So everyone will look around like they are not seeing you at all.

Your field and labor will be harsh.

You will hate your self to death, and only so you will find my love again.

The sun that once comforted you will now burn your skin with hot rays.

The winds will tear your face.

In winter, I will snap you with big flakes, in the snow, and I will cover your body in ice and frozen.

Seas and storms I will send over you,

My birds will sharpen their trills,

They will hurt your ear.

Heavy clouds will cover the bright sun,

When you pass.

Dogs will bite you with rage and evil.

Even if with the deed, or the word, or the thought you will not fall down,

I am still not merciful to you.

And you will do everything I have taught you from the beginning.

You will always be the last one, under everyone and under each person.

You will not boast of your deeds,

but thou shalt say,

„I did not do anything, not even what I was supposed to do”

As the thief you will say, „I am worthy of my iniquity”

Like young men in the fire oven, you will condemn your self to acquire the dew.

You will be good, when all of you will be tortured.

You will be gentle when everyone will be angry with you.

You will bless those who curse you.

You will crucify yourself for My love.

You will be clean when I leave uncleanness over impurity to fall upon you.

You will smile, when everyone will look at you with pride.

When they hit you and beat you, you will love them.

Keeping your mind in hell and not despairing, your prayer will be clean

And your soul shall rest.

By condemning yourself, you will gain your love.

I will be closer to you than your flesh and skin and your bones,

But you will not know. From your depth I will always look upon your manhood.

I’ll leave you just so you will look for Me better!


„The Third Stage of Spiritual Life: The Return of Grace”

On the third day I will return with great love, and my perfect strength will dwell again in you,

I will send you again my whole grace as on the first day.

You will pray for all with great love as for you.

And you will only seek my humility.

I will shorten this day for you,

For you will not be able to bear as much love and grace in your body,

To your old age.

Your peace will be full, and thousands of people will be saved around you.

My grace will always be with you

and My love will dwell in your heart for ever.

You will bring me plenty of fruit,

After their sweetness, they will all know you.

At the last moment, known only to me,

you will pass to Me in peace, love and humility,

Living in full love the dreadful sigh:

„I still have not humbled myself enough”

Even if you will never be worthy of me,

I will love you like a child.

And I will always help you tell me:

„Now, Lord, by Your grace, I am too.”

Original romanian version: https://calindraganblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/02/cele-trei-zile-ale-vietii-duhovnicesti/

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